A 17th century Aubusson tapestry panel

A 17th century Aubusson tapestry panel



The Crossing of the Red Sea
Circa 1670-1690.
Woven in silk and wool, the Pharaoh and his army engulfed by the returning waters.
After a design by Isaac Moillon (1614-1673)
A complete tapestry of the same design, currently on loan to the Nantes Prefecture, forms part of the collection of Angers Cathedral.
Vide: Isaac Moillon, un peintre du roi à Aubusson, by Nicole de Reyniès and Sylvain Laveissière, publ. Somogy, 2005, no. XI, 2, p. 301.



Height 203 cm / 80"
Width 150 cm / 59 14"